Cheryl and Dave Sopko have designed, built, remodeled, and renovated homes in Georgia from the metro Atlanta area to Madison and Lake Oconee.  In 2001 the construction segment of Coventry Homes was retired to concentrate on designing and decorating houses and providing state of the art CAD services to home builders, remodelers, architects and individuals.

Dave has been in construction and design all his adult life.  He served as an officer in the Navy Civil Engineer Corps with two Viet Nam tours in a Naval Construction Battalion, as an officer for two Atlanta Builder/Developer companies, and as owner and president of Coventry Homes, Inc. and Pentex Properties, Ltd, a land developer and Real Estate brokerage. He earned a BS in Civil Engineering from Penn State University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Cheryl worked in educational research, social work, and sales administration before assuming full time duties at Coventry Homes as vice president, decorator and customer coordinator. She has perfected her decorating skills over many years and keeps a close watch on current trends and home buyer preferences. Under a Coventry Homes contract with the Sherwin Williams Company she was a consulting decorator coordinating decorating selections for numerous home builders and their buyers. Cheryl received a BA from the University of Georgia.